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Shaving your legs is never enjoyable. It’s a chore that never goes away. It is estimated that woman spend an average of 72 days of their life shaving. That’s almost 2 months of our lives spent to what is also apparently our most hated beauty task.

There is a much long term and even permanent solution which you can do it in your home. The answer is laser hair removal by professional Permanent IPL Epilator.

This Epilator uses laser technology to remove unwanted hair. It’s designed to produce professional Permanent results by inhibiting the regrowth of hair. It is backed by dermatologists who have used it and loved it for its technology, quality and effectiveness.


Its feature of pulse counter aids the accuracy of your treatment coverage. It not only works for hair removal but is also great for post acne effects. It is a fantastic laser hair removal device boasting a professional quality technology. You can use it on underarms, legs, thighs, face, shoulders and back.

It is an intended pulse light device giving you close to spa level results from treating yourself at home with this smaller, light weight and painless device.