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Colored Lip Stain Gloss - WOW

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These Colored Lip Stain Gloss are both an easy and unique way to color your lips for a natural feel that lasts. Much better than the standard, gloppy lipsticks that run, smear, and feel uncomfortable on your lips. These add a beautiful moisturizing color to your lips without having to cover them! 

A variety of Six Lush Colors: 

  • Cherry Red
  • Sexy Red
  • Sweet Orange
  • Rose Pink
  • Watermelon
  • Lovely Peach

Colored Lip Stain Gloss - WOW

  • LONG-LASTING, LUSH LIPS - These peel-off lip stains last up to a full day for a natural, sexy look
  • BUILT-IN APPLICATOR - Each tube has a built-in applicator on the tip so that you can directly apply the lip stain to your lips
  • SIX LUSCIOUS COLORS - This pack comes with six different colors so that you can coordinate your style each day
  • NATURAL BEAUTY - No more messy lipstick to deal with during the day. Apply this peel off lip stain and enjoy a color on your lips without the thick glop!

Colored Lip Stain Gloss - WOW