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Multi-functional UV Light Phone Sterilizer

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Did you know your phone contains more bacteria than a toilet seat? We bet you didn’t and considering the fact that your mobile phone is the one thing you have in your hands for the whole day, sterilization becomes ABSOLUTELY necessary!


We are living in extraordinary times and this calls for extraordinary measures. Our high-end 5V UV Phone Sterilizer Box is a step in the same direction. Just put your phone in the cabinet and let it sit for 3 minutes – the high transmittance of UV light will sterilize and disinfect the phone from bacteria and viruses of all kinds.


Ramp up your safety before it’s too late. Moreover, the phone sanitizer can also be used for aromatherapy and to disinfect face masks, wrist watches and much more (anything under 6.5 inches).



  • USB Charging Provided
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • UV Wavelength: 253.7 nm
  • Power Rating: 9W 5V 1-2A
  • Size: 218 x 122 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 300 g

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