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Ready in 5 Seconds - Liquid Plastic Welding

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If you ever broke something and wanted to fix it, then this might be the most exciting thing you will ever read. Original 5 Second Fix is the only Magic Glue that can fix almost everything in your household in less than 5 seconds. With Original 5 Second Fix, you create bonds strong enough to pull a 4,000 Lbs TRUCK out of Danger! It is truly a Game - Changer.

  • Designed with the latest Military Grade UV Light technology, It grants you the magic power to create a perfect seal within 5 seconds that will last an eternity.
  • Engineered to work perfectly on wood, metal, plastic, glass and much more.
  • It is the ONLY tool you will ever need for all your fixings.
  • If you want to NEVER have to worry about things broken in your house, this may be the best investment you ever make to protect your valuable belongings.                   


1. Use the Alcohol to Clean the damaged Area.
2. Apply the UV Glue on the area where need repair.
3. The bonding face could be repositioned, the glue only cured under the UV light.
4. Use UV light to let it cure in 5 to 7 seconds.
5. Surface finish. You can sanded, polished, painted, drilled as you like.



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