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TUANIX™ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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One device, two functions!


Smart Wristband is a revolutionary device that has all of the smartwatch functions including heart-rate and blood pressure monitoring, but what truly sets it apart is the fact that it also houses a spectacular earbuds pair.


The lid which basically is your smartwatch can be lifted to reveal the exotic wireless earbuds pair for some motivation during the workout session. While the stereo sound and improved bass will give you the necessary kick to go an extra mile in the gym, the heart rate monitor will ensure you don’t overdo it lest it affects your health negatively!


Hands down, the best everyday go item not just for gym-goers, but students, enthusiasts, and office people alike!



  • 7 to 15 days of run time depending on usage
  • IP67 waterproofing – best for swimming & rainy days
  • Features – Calorie Counter, Pedometer, BP and Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Synchronizes seamlessly with your mobile phone
  • Calculates data and displays results to improve sleep

    TUANIX™ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


    Compatible with Qualcomm® aptX ™ audio

    • By using smartphones and digital audio players equipped with aptX codec.
    • You can use music playback with less delay and higher sound quality.
    • Even if aptX is not installed in the connected smartphone.
    • With the latest Qualcomm Kalimba DSP tone quality tuning. You can enjoy it without being conscious of the decline in sound quality due to the difference in codec.

    Adopted graphene driver and HDSS

    • For the driver, the diaphragm was coated with carbon material graphene harder than diamond.
    • Adopt full range dynamic range type single screwdriver excellent in high range repeatability and responsiveness.
    • By adopting the patented technology "HDSS" which reproduces clear sound quality and wide sound field feeling.
    • It prevents head internalization which tends to be common with Canal type earphones.It reproduces the spread of natural sound with thickness and three-dimensional feeling.

    TUANIX™ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

    Volume adjustment and Corresponds to music feed / music return

    • The earphone operation button corresponds to the remote control operation of the smartphone.
You can perform music playback operation (play / stop / song feed / turn back), incoming (answer / reject / end call) operation, volume adjustment (UP / DOWN) with the right earphone with the left earphone.
With a high sensitivity microphone, you can use a voice command such as call, voice input, Siri / GA etc. with the earphone on the master side.

    TUANIX™ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

    Available for up to 35 hours Charging case

    • Compatible with high-speed charging and fully charged with earphones for up to 1.5 hours.
    • Charging for about 2 hours is possible even with charging for 15 minutes.
    • One-push type button which can open the lid with one hand.
    • It is protected by malfunction prevention ribs so as not to accidentally open the case lid in the bag etc when carrying.

    During a call Supports audio binaural reproduction

    • Voice call corresponds to "Voice in the Both Ears" function.
    • It is fed back to both ears without signal delay between the left and right earphones.
    • The microphone has CVC noise canceling function, You can use a clear stereo call.

    TUANIX™ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

    Power saving function

    • The earphone operation indicator LED goes out during playback and blinks during playback stoppage or standby to prevent forgetting to turn off the power.
    • Even if you forget to turn off the power, it turns off automatically when the connection is broken.
    Sleep mode and automatic reconnection function
    • Earphones put in the charging case are automatically put into sleep mode when fully charged
    • Reduce the battery consumption of the charging case when not in use.
    • With the automatic reconnection function, the earphone put in the case.
    • Just by opening the lid, the power turns on automatically and reconnects.

    TUANIX™ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


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