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One Deck Gold Foil Waterproof Poker Cards

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Take poker to another level with the new gold-plated deeply embossed Poker Playing Cards!


Compete with your friends and family members over a cup of coffee and play the most vicious tricks up your sleeve. Gold-foiled design and shimmery exterior will set the mood and you will be immersed into the game in no time. Perfect gift for those who have a thing for card games!


Along with being gold-plated, the cards are waterproof as well. So, no problem if that tea cup flips over the table, sheen poker won’t be hurt - we can’t guarantee the same about your phone though!



  • Top-notch Plastic Material
  • High-end fully gold-plated design
  • Extra shiny with reflective surfacing
  • Embossed and highly textured for more fun
  • Improved durability with Waterproofing
  • Complete deck
  • Weight: 140g, Size: 47 x 88 mm