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Kitten Ceramic Coffee Mug

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Perfect choice for tea, coffee, and hot chocolate drinks!


Your coffee will now taste a lot better. High quality porcelain cups come with excellent insulation to keep your drink warm/cool. While it keeps your drink hot and fresh, it doesn’t feel burning hot from the outside, so handling is a lot easier. Bamboo lid and stainless steel spoon evoke a majestic sense of imagination while you sip your hot drink.


The mug is a great pottery construct with proper contouring and a pleasant shape. Replete with tiny stars, and cat imagery, the cup looks great on your office table, work desk, and study table. Now stir better with the pre-provided stainless steel spoon to fully dissolve the sugary treat and relish the drink slowly!



  • Premium quality Porcelain material
  • 3 dimensional cat shape on the lid
  • Anti-slip easy-to-grip handle
  • Bamboo lid and stainless steel spoon included
  • Spacious 450ML interior now holds more quantity
  • Round mouth ensures hassle-free drinking
  • Can be a valuable gift to kids, students, and colleagues
  • Size: 14 x 9 cm
  • Available in several striking colors