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Musical Night Sleep Toy

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Putting your toddler to sleep was never this easier before!


It’s hard to put toddlers to sleep. They’d keep nudging you about irrelevant stuff and destroy your sleep as well. No matter what toy you come up with to placate them, they just wouldn’t stop crying!


You can now turn things around with a simple yet majestic toy. Presence of various spectacular patterns such as the projection of sky with moon and stars on the toy sets it apart from the ordinary. When powered on, these stars glow up, exciting the interest of your child and putting his mind off weeping.


Moreover, with a small speaker embedded inside, the toy plays slow soothing music to lull him to sleep. Filled with soft PP cotton, your kid can now hug his favorite toy and enjoy quality slumber. So, no more disturbed sleep! Sleep in peace and the leave the kid to the master toy!



  • Made of ABS + Coral Fleece
  • Stuffed with plush PP cotton
  • Wear and dust resistant
  • Plays soothing music to help your kid relax
  • Various projection patterns to invite interest
  • 3 buttons on the rear side
  • Available in several styles: Hippo, Frog, Butterfly, and Bee etc.

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