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Pet Grooming Glove

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Groom your pet in no time!


You finally reach home. Excited, your cat plunges towards you. You reciprocate, pick her up and caress her. You then carefully put her down and notice a whole farm worth of hair on your fancy black shirt. Did she just lose all this hair in 10 seconds? What sorcery? Well, this predicament can now be avoided with a simple grooming glove that gets rid of those loose hair strands in a jiffy!


The silicone pet cleaning glove boasts 255 soft rubber tips that mimic your hand and offer deep and thorough cleansing. The tips reach deep into the fur to root out broken hair all the while delivering a soothing massage. Just a few swipes and the pet is groomed to perfection. The glove also features a flip side with mesh design and an adjustable Velcro strap. Silicone tips are soft and smooth, and do not cause your cat even the slightest bit of discomfort!



  • Enhanced 255 Silicone tips
  • Multi-functional – hair shedding and massage
  • Velcro support for proper adjustment
  • Breathable fabric to keep your hand ventilated
  • Lightweight and machine washable
  • Universal size – One size fits all


Product Package:

One piece of BLUE Pet Grooming Glove ( right-hand) 

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