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Play Music Elephant Plush Toy

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Super plush elephant toy that pulls your kid to sleep!


Get your kid this amazing cushiony elephant toy on his first birthday. The toy is made of super soft material, just the right choice for toddlers. Embedded inside is a small speaker that plays soothing melodies to keep your child occupied and even helps in putting him to sleep. Colorful books featuring animal names and shapes won’t be enough unless you get your child a similar toy to help understand the animal shape and color better!


All features including trunk, flappy ears, legs and tail are very prominent, the contouring has been done perfectly – to give it a realistic look. There are no sharp edges that may potentially harm your child plus the material is non-toxic and tasteless, so no worries there!



  • Made of premium quality plush fabric
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly material
  • Speaker inside – for music
  • Works on 3 x AA batteries(Not Included)
  • Doesn’t get dirty quickly
  • Size: 30 cm height