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Portable Hair-dryer Cap

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Hair drying just got a lot easier!


You just took a hot shower in the morning and are now getting late for work. You use your hair dryer but it isn’t as feasible since it doesn’t cover the entire head. So what do you do? Rub the towel on your head haphazardly? But that’s only going to make things worse!


Hair dryer cap is a practical solution that does the job in just a couple of minutes. Simply wear the cap on your head and adjust with the drawstring. Now use the open end and blow hot air from the hair dryer. This way, your hair will dry out much more quickly and efficiently.


The hood concentrates air on the head and ensures uniform distribution – the end result is a fully dried head with no damp spots. 



  • Non-toxic Coated Silver Fabric composition
  • Skin-friendly design prevents burns
  • Expedites drying process
  • Gives a refreshing head massage
  • Can also be used for deep conditioning, oiling & heat treatments
  • Weight: 57g
  • Two colors available – Silver, and Pink

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